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The Ontario Liberals under Kathleen Wynne introduced 'Discovery Math' and our kids stopped learning the valuable skills necessary to get them ready for careers in the modern world. Sign your name if you agree that it's time to put kids first, and teach them math.

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Bhawishya Sharma

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  • Bhawishya Sharma

    We are retired senior person owned home and paying mortgages of our home. Our pension can’t afford to pay mortgages hence decided to give basement on rent. At present International students are staying with us in basement. This month they discussed with us that they are able to pay rent for next month and possible for next month also.

    We explained our financial situation and told being a International students you liable to pay rent .

    We need your advice on this matter how this works and Will Canada Government will take care of it and how Govt will reimburse us.

    Your response shall be highly appreciated.

    With best regards

    Bhawishya Sharma