Request a Certificate

MPP Vijay Thanigasalam appreciates the opportunity to recognize special personal milestones, including anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations, with a special certificate. 

For certain occasions, our constituency office can also make arrangements for you to receive certificates from the Premier or Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Constituency Office
8130 Sheppard Ave East, Unit 105
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 3W3
Tel. (416)-283-8448 
Fax. (416)-283-1597
Email: [email protected]          

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  • mohamed rikas fazaal mohamed
    Hi Mr. Vijay Thanigasalam. This is Izzathul Munawwara from Scarborough. We are from Sri Lanka. I need a reference letter from you. Can you please give me an appointment? It’s very urgent
  • Niluxy K Sujeevan
  • Bramananth Subramanian